FWAAH (2019)

Früher War Alles Aus Holz – in the old days, everything was made out of wood. This project plays with this idea, bringing wood as a material into an unusual context. Like many other areas of production, that of reusable cups in large quantities relies on plastics. The same applies to the corresponding single-use version – it can not be composted or recycled, since the materials used would have to be separated from each other. The wood cup shows that familiar typologies keep material options open that are beyond the social consensus. Coated wooden dishes can be used just like normal ones. The use of the known two-part form of vessel and lid emphasizes the contrast caused by the material used and is to be understood by way of example. The production of solid or liquid wood parts is more expensive compared to the processing techniques for plastic and the manufactured parts are more expensive. The product could be disposed of harmlessly in nature, but encourages reuse.